Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guilt-less Lazy Day

Today is, sadly, the last day of our fall-winter quarter break. Tomorrow is the first day of winter quarter 2012-2013. The last winter quarter I will ever endure! Six months until graduation, and it can't go by fast enough. These last six months will be full of compiling my cover letter and intro video, job searching, interviews (hopefully...), board exams...and just trying to get through clinic from day to day. Hopefully all of the other things that need to get done will make everything go that much faster. My experience is that the more you have to do, and the more you keep busy, the fast time goes by and you wonder "where did that year go?" Kind of like, where did my last two weeks go?

I rescheduled my written exam from this week to December 20th. I decided that it was more important for me to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday weekend than to stress out over not studying on Thanksgiving Day, trying to study during all the awesome football games, and complaining about studying to my husband who had a four day weekend from work.

So I've been thoroughly enjoying this last weekend of holidays and freedom. I've done a pretty good job of getting ready for Christmas: put up the stockings and decorations on the mantle (we don't have room for a tree, so I hang a few ornaments in a big wooden frame and set some right on the mantle itself), finished Christmas card address list and ordered them to be direct shipped, planned part of Husband's Christmas present, did some serious wine cork crafting including some Christmas ornaments, planned Brother's Christmas present, and got some other Christmas gifts and decor taken care of via Heritage Makers. See wonderful project to do with all your digital photos, here.

In addition, I am having a Mary Kay sale with various items put into gift sets by me (i.e. items from my inventory that go well together, not gift sets designated and sold by the company as a whole), so please contact me via email or telephone if you are interested in any of these sets as gifts this Christmas - I have descriptions written out for all of them, and can snap photos if you like as well, so if you need more info, let me know! All of these gift sets, as well as all fragrances I have in my current inventory, are 25% off. This is my MK business website, but it does NOT include the custom gift sets I have compiled this season. You'll have to directly contact me for that info, like I said. Thanks :)

Today, I am enjoying one last day of NOT studying for my written national exam. Instead, I am watching the Seahawks game, working on wine cork ornaments, making turkey stock, snuggling with the dog, drinking tea (of course), and generally enjoying life. I am forcing myself to not feel guilty about not studying over the last three or four days. This is a holiday weekend, I rescheduled my test for a reason, and I'm going to DO WHAT I WANT before I have to go back to school tomorrow.

Maybe one of these days I'll post some photos of the cork ornaments I made, and some gift sets too when I compile them for photo ops. The cork stuff (ornaments and keychains) are for Mom's business; she does in-home wine tasting and sales. She's awesome.

That should be all for today mates, back to doing whatever I want for the next nine hours!

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