Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hello! So, some sort of big news since my last post - earlier this week I went back home to interview for a job. It was a three-day long, in-office interview and meet-and-greet with the doc, his wife, and the entire staff including the current associate. Talk about a stresser! 

But, it was completely awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and I really hope the whole office did as well. It will still be a couple of weeks until I find out whether this is it or not, but I sure hope it's sooner rather than later. I did allude to the fact that we've been scouting the area for places to live, and that my better half has already planned out his work commute to make sure it will be do-able, which should actually not be as bad as we thought it might when I first started pursuing this job.

The community in which we'd live is pretty great, too. I drove around a little bit and saw the historic downtown areas of the adjacent towns, there's a train station right in the middle of town, an amazing farmer's market 6 months out of the year, lots of mom-and-pop holes in the wall, antique shops, tea shops, all the stuff I just love to death. The office is in the area where these two towns meet, and it's pretty separate from the more mall-and-car-dealership areas of the larger of the two towns, so that's nice.

The doc and his staff are incredibly impressive. Talk about careers to be proud of - they are a well-oiled machine, and it is obvious their level of integrity, professionalism, and career satisfaction is just off the charts all around. If that isn't a place you'd like to work, I don't know what is. I expressed my amazement and desire to work in such an environment, and I feel like I got along with everyone really well in the two days I spent with them - which I realize is not a whole lot of time - so I truly hope I have the opportunity to join this amazing practice.

For now, I am trying SO HARD not to just replay everything in my brain and pick out little things that could possibly be the reason they don't want me. Just little things, not bad things, and not things that I would have changed - because I truly couldn't change anything I said, I was completely honest and real with them. I could have asked more questions about it all, I suppose, but I really felt like all of my questions were answered with the exception of things that would be written in the contract that aren't appropriate for asking just yet. And here I am, picking it all apart again, haha! Relax...breathe...

...And wait a couple weeks with my fingers crossed SO TIGHT that I hear good news. 

Now, it is time for bed. Short entry this time, for a change ;) Hope you enjoyed reading, and if you're out there and made it this far to the end, please think happy thoughts for me. Until next time...thanks y'all!

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