Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Year Updates - A Little Late! Plus: RODAN + FIELDS!

Oh, dear readers, January went by SO fast! What a crazy month.

Let me start off by letting you all know I put on my big girl pants right after the new year, and finally fired my SEO company that I was using to help run my (not awesome) business website. Not only did I constantly battle with the company who built my website to try to get things done and improved and actually working, I was also constantly battling with my SEO company - just to get them to return an email in a timely manner...! What the heck?! Whatever happened to decent customer service? Not to mention it was a HUGE expense with literally zero return on investment. Because I was referred to these two companies by a colleague, I stuck with them for WAY too long and didn't do a lot of shopping around in the first place, which was a huge mistake. I definitely learned the hard (and expensive) way. But, I will say this: LESSON LEARNED. I'm taking a break from SEO companies for a while, and in the last few months I have talked to a handful of other options (who will also help rebuild my website), and I do have one in particular that I am interested in working with - but they know I was basically scammed the first time around and I'm super skeptical now of all the techies out there - so he's understanding, and has actually given me some advice and tips without me even being a paying client, so that definitely helps. The good (or maybe not so good?) news is that his criticisms of my website from the back end are almost THE EXACT SAME THINGS I BATTLED WITH MY PREVIOUS COMPANY OVER for so many months. So I WAS RIGHT. Just saying.

Putting those big girl pants on felt REAL good. It may have been the thing that renewed the fire under my booty to look for other part-time job opportunities again, to get out of my corporate situation. Those of you who know me also know what my employment situation is - for those of you who don't know me, I'm sorry but I am not going to name specific companies (as my SEO experience above) or the corporation I work for part time; I'd like to save the biased slander. Anyway, here I am, at a local coffee shop typing up my blog when I should probably be doing some more networking and everything again for other job options - which I will do, don't worry. I actually made some really great progress last week that I'm going to follow up on this week. So there :)

In addition to other dental opportunities, I'm also gearing up to become a consultant with Rodan + Fields! I've done the Mary Kay thing before, and the biggest setback I had was hosting the parties. Wow. Talk about time-consuming. To first invite enough people that there will be at least a handful who actually show up, to make sure to get RSVPs, then to actually do the party, then to follow up with everyone...I couldn't do it during dental school. And because I didn't have a customer base in the area where I went to dental school, it was super hard - no one from school is interested in that kind of thing, and that's almost the only people I met until I started going to my gym. Anyway, it was hard. It's great for some women, just not for me. I love the product also, as I've been using it for over fifteen years, and I still use a lot of it every day. But I am transitioning.

If you've been following along with my skin care and make-up trials and reviews (I didn't post a ton, but a few), you know that my skin got WEIRD when I went off birth control a year and a half ago. I couldn't stand it. It was the worst it's ever been, including during those awkward early- to mid-teen years. Yes, it was worse than that. What happens in our late 20's that makes this happen...? Maybe it was exclusively that I had gone off birth control and my hormones never adjusted back fully, or maybe I could have done something with my diet and made it even cleaner than it was before, or maybe I was trying too many different new things that my skin was like WHAT THE HECK, or maybe it was something else entirely.

I went back on birth control about six months ago. I'm still on the fence about whether I want to be taking exogenous hormones or not, but emotionally and for my skin, this is the best thing right now. Oh ya, that's the other thing - when I was off it, my brain and emotions were INSANE. Literally insane. Even though I'm back on it again, I still feel like something isn't really back to the way it used to be before I decided to bugger everything up. Maybe I need ACTUAL THERAPY?! Not to make light of the topic, because hey - a lot of people need therapy these days, and I might just be one of them.

I digress.

So, a girl I went to dental school with introduced me to the below products:

The entire product line is made by the dermatologists who developed Proactive, which I never used because it is SUPER harsh. Everyone I know who has ever used it or is using it has recognized this fact as well. You have to wean yourself onto it and wean yourself off of it when you decide to use grown-up skin care products, it stings something horrible, and the lotion discolors your towels and pillowcases. So I was a little skeptical about the Rodan + Fields skin care line because of that - but they have four different formulas, an Essentials line (with things like microdermabrasion and body lotion and lip balm), and also some tools like the ultrasonic microscrubber and topical applications of vitamins for use overnight, and even oral supplements and mineral powder foundation. It's not a HUGE product line, but it definitely has you covered for whatever regimen you need.

I've been using the Soothe formula the last couple of days because I have really sensitive and pretty dry skin. It feels great, it doesn't feel like it does when I normally try something new - stings, doesn't soak in, etc. This line of products has been amazing so far. My skin doesn't feel tight in the morning, or flaky throughout the day, and some of the uneven coloring has evened out a little bit already!

I'm excited to try out more of the products, and also to start the business side of it. Apparently it's really easy, and with the company's empty-bottle-60-day guarantee, there really isn't such a thing as an unsatisfied customer. With fairly minimal investment, and the discount I will get on my own product, it will pay for itself quickly anyway, so if it doesn't work out - it doesn't work out and no one's hurt! OH, that's another thing - I don't have to track or store ANY inventory! All orders ship directly from the company in a couple of days, all I will have to do is help customer submit orders. That tends to be the hardest thing about direct sales - storing and tracking inventory. This goes for all sorts of direct sales, like other cosmetics and skin care, candles, stamps, scrapbooking, name it. There's always an inventory to manage. Not Rodan + Fields. I like it already :)

I'll keep you all posted on how that goes - it might be a couple more months until my next post, that seems to be my MOA lately. Well y'all, until next time...cheers!

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